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SKI SIMULATOR First Ski Simulator in Midwest Brings Olympic - Level Training to All Skiers
VERTICAL DROP SKI SHOP HAS THE SKYTECH SKI SIMULATOR! Now you can strengthen your skiing/racing skills the same way the US Olympic Ski Team does. Vertical Drop offers the first instore ski simulator in the United States. Olympic team coaches say this is the closest you can come to skiing without being on snow. If you are serious about taking your racing to the next level, you have to experience Vertical Drop’s SkyTechSport Ski Simulator. Coaches, if you want your team to stay in top racing form all year, there is only one place to train. “With SkyTech Sport ski simulator, skiers can improve upper and lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knew and ankle…You get the sensation that you’re actually skiing…And it’s fun!” – Sasha Rearick, US Ski Team Men’s Head Coach

Skytech Ski Simulator at Vertical Drop Ski Shop

PASS OPTIONS 1 Hour Punch Card $65.00 4 Hour Punch Card $200.00 Save $65.00 7 Hour Punch Card $280.00 Save $175.00 Gold Card $500.00 Save $800.00 plus
Let us host your next party Whether you're hosting a graduation party, birthday party, or want to have a fun off season ski team competition on the Olympic course, Vertical Drop Ski Shop will customize your event to make it an exciting time on the ski simulator! Call for details
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Head Ski Coach US Ski Team talk about there simulator
US Ski Team On Simulator
Breezy Johnson US Ski Team Member hits the slopes after 3 knee surgeries
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